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Printed design on silk by Maryann

Printed design on silk by Maryann
Printed design on silk by Maryann

Sunday, July 8, 2012

*Even if you have your own Website, have you tried to use more "Social Media" to get more traffic to your "Art Work"?  Here are ( 4 ) sites that are free to use & can get you noticed on the web a whole lot more.  If you have not tried any of them, please take a look at what I had created, then go from there...
1.  tumblr:

2.  Artists2artists:

3.  Pinterest:  Create your own board of your own art work...

4. LinkedIn:  Place your resume' on this networking site...

 © Hammond, Maryann* "Glitter Dragon Flower"Gouache on watercolor paper, shown June 2012  At Art takes Times Square, NYC     

*All of this can help if you are not doing a whole lot of work or you if you have so much you could fill a huge gallery, with more to show.

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