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Printed design on silk by Maryann

Printed design on silk by Maryann
Printed design on silk by Maryann

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sewing & Machine Embroidery Club
of Atchison, (KS-MO), Commings & Nortonville KS
The Sewing & Machine Embroidery (quilters) Club will hold their meeting this Saturday 29-SEPT-2012 at (1PM) in the K.F.C. meeting room of Atchison, Kansas.  
Maryann Hammond will be the guest speaker & will show her "art work" with a demo on "What is Surface Design"?  
 "Bug Out", by Maryann Hammond

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tomorrow is Sept 11, 2012 (911) an sad day in American History.  As we remember, I hope that all "Artists" out there will create a new piece of art work to keep on healing and to remember what you did on that day...

I will post later on here what I had started to create tomorrow, & I hope others will join in and submit to me what you started.  There does not need to be a reason why...

Maryann Hammond
Have you heard what the Missouri Fiber Artists are doing this year & clear into the next year?
An "Sketchbook Challenge"!!!

View the website for details, based on the first book of the same name.  (I'm going slow on this, but I'm included on the list of artists who are working on this project with "MoFA").

Join them on FaceBook as well...

SNEAK PEEK!!!  Really...
30th Annual Weavers' Guild Sale in St. Louis, MO.
Check out their FaceBook page....