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Printed design on silk by Maryann

Printed design on silk by Maryann
Printed design on silk by Maryann

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live photo showing art work of Maryann Hammond* 
On Times Square NYC
I am excited about this "Artists Wanted" in NYC contest.  I wish I had known early about it, but I will be sure to contact all of you about this contest to show your ART in Times Square next year.  So be ready get on the list to show.  It is Free to join, no fees if you have plenty of people to Vote for you.  Here is what my link looks like.  (Twitter & amp; Face book)

#ArtTakesTimesSquare @ArtistsWanted - help my work get shown

By Maryann Hammond*
Glitter Dragon Flower
UPDATE:  My few seconds of fame came on the night of 18-JUNE-2012, where my art work that "Artists Wanted" chose to be shown on Times Square outside the NASDAQ, then again within the VIP party on screens shown on the wall where another stage was set up.  Thanks to Harold Garcia who took photo's when they found out the website to view the show went down.  More people (artists/public) had shown up than they were able to handle...  Mine is on the right, called "Glitter Dragon Flower"!

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